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Jeff Scherer

This smug attitude is EXACTLY the main reason why GM (and other US mfrs) are hurting. You'd think that with the Japanese manufacturers proving their efficient processes make for better business, that GM would be more receptive to changing their antiquated methodology. But hey, what do I know. I'm only an american consumer.

Jim Rockford

I think hybrids are the wrong way to go because they increase complexity to the vehicle (two separate power sources) and thus the likelihood of breakdowns. They are also likely to be more costly to maintain, with specialty parts. They also have issues with safety (gotta shave weight to load in the batteries/electric motors) which compromises the ability of the vehicle to resist crushing forces in crashes. Last, the battery elements are toxic AND skew the car to be front-heavy and less safe in handling.

Low sulfur, cleaner burning diesel (which can also run bio-diesel) seems the way to go. I wouldn't mind Lutz going that way above but he'd need to be a car guy and actually love/understand his products. Hell Chip Foose could run GM better.


Lutz' comments are amazing. Of course there is a segment of the market that is relatively insensitive to fuel costs. And of course they won't be deterred from buying large SUVs (or Vettes or Vipers, for that matter). That segment probably could swallow a higher gas-guzzler tax, too.

If Lutz simply wants to capture that niche, fine; but GM is going to be a much smaller company. If he wants to sell to the mass market, however, he will have to put fuel efficiency into the product equation along with reliability, styling, price, etc.

Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing a GM consisting of Cadillac for luxury and GT cars; GMC for SUVs and pickups; and a combined Chevrolet/Pontiac with a reasonably sized product line plus sports cars. That company would be smaller than today's but much more focused and efficient. So it will never happen.


PS - Found you through "Carnival"

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